I wrote It’s Great To Suck at Something with the grand hope that we start a community of people who aren’t afraid of sucking. Think of it as a legion of kooks and newbies, a tribe that fearlessly tries new things and enters new worlds for the sheer joy and pleasure it brings.

A key part of community building is sharing our stories so we can connect in camaraderie and rejoice in the uniquely awesome ways each of us beautifully and boldly suck, because the freedom to suck is revelatory. It’s Great to Suck at Something opens the door to so much possibility and invites people to proudly claim things they suck at and love to do anyway.

Have a story of your suckitude? I’d love for you to share it below. I’ll do my best to feature it in our newsletter (sign up here!), on social (follow us on Instagram and Facebook!) and a few will be included in the paperback edition of my book.